Our vision

JIT rules!
Therefore our own products, our unique, robust
· CT berthing fenders,
· CT mooring fenders,

are not just fenders and bollards, but value adding products, always – all the way!
Any high quality supply chain shall be robust!

High utilisation of cranes, of berths at ports terminals means that simple technicalities shall not threaten sustained readiness for berthing, etc.

And when finally safely berthed and moored, then ships surging shall be minimal and certainly not disturb cranes loading/unloading of ships!

Reducing costs is very much about reducing risks.

Apart of being minimal and rergardless of “unforeseen”, systems forces shall always remain limited. (Alternatively if not limited, they are unlimited and so are risks).
Calculable products can safely be dimensioned with serious safety factors etc. and can be guaranteed – by limited systems forces.

(Our own quality program against ISO 9001 is very strict and in fact very often prohibits from offering, when tender documents writes away limited systems forces and safe calculations are not possible.)
CT Fenders and HOOKARD/EDGARD bollards are benefitting of 40 years experience from field.
Passion for high quality does not allow for compromises!

Further, for low energy consumption, for sake of environment, low “tara” is basic!
Low systems forces is equal to low “tara”, in turn allowing added pay load – in turn improving economy outcome, etc.

We provide the devises. We provide for JIT! We supply JIT!

In any supply chain, JIT is cruicial.
JIT is vital for calculability of logistic costs, for low requested buffers, in turn providing for high quality feed back to management, etc.

Therefore CT fenders are robust, which means that elastomeric components are robust, not dependant of low friction – fendering of the fenders, etc.

Robust supply chains call for robust external transports for robust ports.
Terminals, ports are vital in any supply chain.

Bengt Bönström, Manager